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Apps for Autism

It’s no secret that many individuals with Autism have an unbreakable attachment to technology. Tablets, computers, phones, and other devices serve as recreational outlets and learning tools. My brother and his tablet are inseparable! I'm sure that many of you who are reading this have a loved one who is attached to their tech tool in the same way. So why not use them to engage your child in learning? It's a win-win...they get to continue to interact with a tech tool that they love while also learning and practicing skills! As one can expect from a former special education teacher, I believe in maximizing strengths and embracing learning opportunities. I cannot stress the importance of using technology to teach.

I have listed some suggested iOS apps below. Some apps will require full parent involvement as the teacher and others will allow your child to learn independently. And don't worry, many apps for working with individuals with disabilities are made

For kiddos:

Autism iHelp Play

Autism iHelp Comprehension

Autsim iHelp WH Questions

Autism Therapy with Mita

Articulation Station

For parents/adults:

Social Stories Creator and Library

Autism Tracker Lite: Track and Analyze

Note: I did not create any of these apps and I am not being paid by their creators/developers to advertise for them. I just think they are share-worthy.:)


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